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I helped build this rest house

4 Responses to “The Rest House”

  1. # Blogger James Vimpany

    Hi Guys,

    How are you all doing? Its Mr here. Which one of you mob helped build the rest house? Looks like a good place to hang out during the heat of the day. Maybe i can camp there when i visit you guys.  

  2. # Blogger Mr Muldoon

    G'day Parngurr Community School,

    We are a grade 1 class at Bunningyong Primary School in Victoria.

    We found your blog site and loved all the pictures.

    We were wondering how many kids go to your school and how many grade
    1's there are?

    We have been writing dreamtime stories this term and would love you to have a listen and tell us what you think.

    You can read them and listen to them at:


    Thanks heaps
    Grade 1MM  

  3. # Blogger Broomeblogtrial

    Hi Parngurr Community School

    I have really enjoyed looking at the photos posted in your blog.

    I am going to show my students your site so that they can get ideas for their own blog.


  4. # Blogger Cpeckham

    This looks a great place to hang out.

    One day I will visit you with my wife Marie, who is an artist, and will love it there. My son MonkeyMarc is visiting you this week, so learn lots of music making with him and Matt.

    Have fun.

    Colin [Mr. Ape} Peckham  

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