I helped build this rest house

I watched them being made

This spear was use for fighting

The goanna in the shade.

A long time ago the old people they used to drink from the water.

Here are some photos of our school building in Purnngurr which is located in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia.


this spear belong to Wokka

This is parnngurr rockhole long time ago old people used to drink water here. Now days we go swimming there when it full.

goanna is climbing the tree.
Near the power house Tiffany found
the goanna first. Theo wanted stone them

We growing two mango trees. They were planted three weeks ago and are looking healthy. One of the mango trees has recently had a new growth flush.

Watermelons have also come up in recent times. Yesterday we ate some red chillies. They were very hot.

This week, we have been planting out grass runners, near the mango trees

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I went to farm and went a got some tomotoes and rockmelons and cucmbers

Today we went to feed the chickens.

After we went to the garden and picked melons & tomotoes.

I drove the troopy back to school


Our chickens are growing fast and furious. We are feeding them food scraps. We check their water everyday.

Here is a pics of a new post

Yesterday 12 chicken came from Newman. The are two week olds. To after them we make sure that they get feed, clean water, protected from dogs, keep them warm inside at night.

Hayden, Theo and Hamzah

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